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About us

Our job

From the design phase to the project execution, we assist you to:

Illustrate your request for tender submissions using graphic supports (sequences, 3D,…)
Improve technical procedures (construction processes, work organization,…)
Develop technical tools and solutions
Prepare your project upstream (method drawings, execution schedule,…)
Collect and encourage the spread good practices within your entity

Our skills

 Availability and adaptation to your projects

Responsiveness and flexibility to anticipate your site issues

Technical and creative perceptions to optimize resources and find solutions adapted to the field

Rigor and methodology expressed through quality documents

Network of diversified partners to meet your needs

« Good site preparation is the key to its success by improving the profitability of a project, optimizing construction processes and the goal of zero accidents »

Concerned about its environmental impact, SMART Method Engineering adopts an eco-responsible attitude with simple actions and new habits on a daily basis.

Indeed, the actions undertaken concern the management of energy and water consumption (low consumption light bulbs,…), the use of reusable cups, paper printings reduced to the strict minimum, the electrical and IT equipment configuration (standby mode, energy saving, switching off at night and on weekends), sorting waste, and adapting heating and air conditioning according to the outside temperature.

We are also trying to reduce our carbon footprint by favoring low-impact journeys on the environment by using soft transport (cycling, walking) and public transport (train, metro and tram) for the shortest journeys. And for the most distant journeys, car or plane will then be used.

The company also participates in events such as « Au boulot à vélo », « cleanwalks »

(waste collection in the city of Strasbourg).

SMART Method Engineering raises awareness and helps its interlocutors in the implementation of these practices.

« A well-prepared site has better chances of success »

The “S M A R T” method is used to better apprehend our studies and achieve the objectives set together :


Rigorous and precise to clearly define and analyze your needs in order to establish our studies and provide you with quality responses


Definition of measurable criteria to achieve the expected results


Establishment of achievable tasks while remaining ambitious to find appropriate solutions to your problem in relation to the resources and means allocated


As close as possible to the field, and with a pragmatic and technical approach, we provide you with documents that are easy to implement to carry out your projects


The time factor is an important element in the way we work, we establish provisional and execution schedules, as well as phase planning in order to best meet the deadlines of your project

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